Historical notes

The curator of the original Gallery of Notable Listswains was Allan Janus (standing, left). The earliest images on this site were collected by Allan, with heedless indifference to his personal safety. The stress proved too much for him at some point in 1999, and he retired to concentrate on his other collections at the magnificent Janus Museum.
Allan Janus

Allan's original site was hosted by Geocities, which finally lost the number of its mess in 2009. Ten years before the sailmaker had sewn Geocities into a hammock with round-shot at its feet, Allan had movingly and presciently written:

"The Gallery will soon be closing its doors. Since its founding in 1958, The Gallery of Notable Listswains has been pleased to be the repository of portraits of listswains the world over, attracting literally dozens of visitors. Thank you for your patronage."
The next victim of the Gallery was Helen Connor (shown on the left, undergoing the Klein Manoeuvre). Helen amassed many of the pictures on this site. These may still be seen in their original form on Helen's website, Improvident Fish. Helen did a great job maintaining her gallery from around 1999-2002, before she got her head turned by distractions such as work.
Helen Connor

Helen says that she wrote about 60% of the captions to the pictures herself, the remainder being suggested by their subjects. This site has derived great benefit from having had witty coves such as Helen and Allan writing many of the captions.

Thanks to Mrs Broad1 (especially) and Ladyshrike for testing this site.